UNSW Foundation Studies visited Hangzhou Entel Foreign Language School UF Program

On March 7th, Dean Darren of the University of New South Wales, Australia, visited our school. The purpose of this visit is to inspect the overall teaching situation and meet with the teachers and students of the UF Program.

In the morning, Dean Darren was in the lecture hall for about 40 minutes for the foundation class students. First, a brief introduction to the UNSW Foundation study includes the school year setting, the course content, and the scoring system for the global exams that students are most concerned about. Although after some previous understanding, the students have already understood the relevant issues, but after watching the relevant audio and video materials and accompanying the introduction of Darren, the students have a deeper understanding of the program, and deeply aware of the tension in the preparatory stage. After that, Darren also introduced the professional settings of the University of New South Wales and the rankings of some of the top professionals. The University of New South Wales is a member of three internationally renowned research university alliances that organizes the University of the Pacific Rim, a member of the Global Technology University Alliance. In the latest QS World University Rankings, the University of New South Wales ranks 45th in the world. Among the many disciplines, the University of New South Wales is known for its business and engineering. Mineral engineering and mining engineering ranks 9th in the world, accounting and finance ranks 10th in the world, law degree ranks 16th in the world, civil and structural engineering ranks 15th in the world, and electrical and electronic engineering ranks 23rd in the world. It is a great honor and excitement for the students to feel that they can enter the foundation program of such a high-achieving university. Then, Darren introduced the activities of the University of New South Wales to students’ interest development and social skills, such as a variety of clubs, superior hardware facilities, interactive classrooms, etc., which attracted students. Imagine the richness of future university life. At the end of the event, Darren patiently answered the questions of the students, which had a tremendous impact and help on the future goals of the students. After this event, the students are clearer about their future. Many students have said that in order to get a good result after the end of the project, and to enter their favorite universities and majors, they should work harder than ever to get out of their comfort zone and put pressure on themselves, and sincerely thank Mr. Darren. Come to our school for guidance.

After meeting with the students, Dean Darren had a cordial and friendly exchange with the foreign teacher. First of all, they communicated with the foreign teachers about the curriculum, teaching methods and teaching content, and conveyed the teaching requirements of the new pre-university semester, and patiently answered the questions. At the same time, Dean Darren also consulted on the improvement of content and teaching methods of foreign teachers in various disciplines so that the future preparatory courses can better conform to the actual situation of students and improve the quality of teaching.

President Ren Jianhua and Director of the International Department, Mr. Weng Chenming, had a friendly discussion with the Dean of Darren on the in-depth cooperation between two schools, and expressed gratitude to the school for its hard work in managing and promoting the project over the years. The new reforming of the program will continue to improve teaching and curriculum next year to meet the learning needs of Chinese students. Both sides are full of confidence in expanding cooperation. Darren expressed full affirmation and praise for the positive and enterprising aspects of the teachers and students, outstanding academic achievements and clear efforts.

Finally, Dean Darren observed the new design section of the semester, and confirmed that the students made wise choices for their interests and dreams, and encouraged the students to work hard for them to look forward to their future ideals of study.

This visit provides constructive advice on teaching and curriculum progress assessment, and guidance for further studies. Both schools will have more in-depth cooperation in follow-up courses, teacher exchanges, and further studies.