UNSW 2020 Course Reform Orientation for International Teachers Held in Nanjing

On October 18th and 19th, 2019, the UNSW Foundation Program (UFS) 2020 curriculum reform international teacher orientation was successfully held in Jiangsu AHEAD Education Group. The 2020 curriculum reform orientation is a major effort for the continuous improvement and upgrading of the UF program, and it also heralds the arrival of a new era of the program.

This orientation, led by the Mr. Darren Finlay, manager of UNSW Global programs, sent a total of 10 senior teachers of various disciplines for our 55 participating Chinese and foreign teachers for systematic courses and teaching training. The total number of teachers participating in the training, including all the staff, reached nearly 80. This training is the first teaching, research and training activity held by Jiangsu AHEAD Education Group’s UF program since its establishment 11 years ago. Up to 16 subjects, including: academic English, mathematics, computer, economics, physics, design, and two new subjects, covering all subjects in the core section of UF foundation year.

The head teachers of UNSW Global introduced the specific content of the reform of the new course in 2020, and clearly pointed out the teaching direction after the 2020 curriculum reform. The reform aims at readjusting and optimizing the course structure and system of the program, improving curriculum structure and the discipline layout to be more reasonable and standardized. The course teaching contents are richer and more diverse, and the overall curriculum is forward-looking. After the meeting, all the teachers who participated deeply expressed that they had gained a lot in this orientation.

In 2020, the UF program will evolve and upgrade, but the exam format for the two global exams in June and November each year has not changed. The UFS program will continue to be characterized by academic assessment in the future, focusing on the ability and comprehensive learning of the students.