Every July 8th, the admission ceremony of the new grade 10 students are held in HANNU Jiangning Campus.


Students wrote their names on the Signature Wall

Warm decoration to welcome the new students

Best wishes of flying to the dream direction

Gift from International Department: the welcoming words of the International Department written by the seniors.


At 9:30 in the morning, in the concert hall of our school, a grand admission ceremony was held for the freshmen of the 2019 international department. In this ceremony, all the senior students of the International Department, the school leaders, teachers and parents, gave their salute to all of the new students entering the stadium, congratulate them with the sail horn of the high school life.


At the begining, Li Haoyi from UF Grade 11 Class 2, used sand painting art to portray a wonderful and memorable campus scene. From the beginning of school to the colorful campus life, to the final harvest and joy. Not only for the new schoolmates to depict the blueprint for the next three years, but also to show the unique charm of the school, and expressed a warm welcome and ardent encouragement to the new students.


Then Mr. Huang Wei, the vice principal of HANNU Jiangning Campus and the director in charge of the International Department, expressed his warm welcome to the new students and parents and thanked them for their trust and choice. Principal Huang explained his understanding of choice from three dimensions: school, parents and students: it’s a responsibility and pressure for the school; a devotion for parents; and taking responsibility for students. At the same time, he also indicated that he will lead all colleagues in the International Department to continue to work hard to innovate, making the best Australian program in China and the impact of the American top schools as a long-term goal and firm pursuit.


Steve, a representative of the International Department of foreign teachers, also gave a speech. He introduced the basic situation of the International Department, a team of excellent teachers and a variety of summer camp courses. He explained his teaching experience as a member of the International Department and praised the outstanding students. He gave welcome and expectations for the 2019 freshmen at the end.


Wu Kaiyi, a graduate of the 2014 Sino-US class, who is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at Tufts University, shared her three years of life in the international department of the school and the influence on her future study career. She talked about her study experience at a foreign university and also expressed her most sincere welcome to the new students.


Mr. Zhang Shimin, the Principal of the HANNU Jiangning Campus, presented a school souvenir to Wu Kaiy, expressing his gratitude and blessing to her. And the summer camp flag was handed to the new student representative Fu Rao.


Vice Principal Huang Wei handed the letter of acceptance for each freshman, which reflects the care of every student in the International Department. We hope that every student in the International Department will have a special and memorable memory!

The admission ceremony came to a close in the school song!

Volunteers for the event

Host: He Tian, from Grade 12, and Jiang Ruohan from Grade 11