Management of Teachers

Teacher Management at Ahead

Human Resource Management of Teachers

AHEAD Education is dedicated to forge a team of top international and Chinese teachers. Human resource management is a coordinated effort by the Human Resource Department, the Academic Department, the Business Development Department, the AHEAD Academy and all campuses.


  • Teacher demand analysis
  • Recruitment channel analysis and selection
  • Recruitment implementation
  • Recruitment procedure and improvement
  • Teacher ability and competence evaluation
  • Signing, position and logistics

Evaluation, Training and Career Planning

  • Periodic academic feedback and evaluation
  • Workshop planning, design and assessment
  • Career planning, implementation and assessment


  • Contract creation
  • Quality control system
  • Motivation and reward system
  • Evaluation system
  • HR optimization
  • Benefits and welfare
  • Orientation and legal documents acquisition
  • Transfer notice and communication
  • Academic communication between teachers and their head teachers
  • Teacher guidelines and codes