Management of Students

Student Management at Ahead

The Management of Students

Student Entrance Quality Control

Student applying for AHEAD Education programs must provide competitive application materials and pass unified entrance exams.

General Student Management

Students are under Chinese partner schools’ direct management and these are some of the most prestigious high schools in the country.

Student Academic Management

AHEAD Education is well aware that a student’s performance is not merely reflected in one simple exam. Therefore we offer a variety of assessments throughout the entire program which include exams, team projects, speeches, research reports, etc. Furthermore, teachers submit students’ internal assessments with program managers’ support.

AHEAD Education offers three general types of assessments:

  • Language assessment and standardized exams
  • Subject assessments
  • Comprehensive quality assessments

Student Registration and Information Management

Student Registration and Student Information Management AHEAD Education utilizes OA system for student information sharing for HQ and all campuses. OA assists the Academic Department with basic student information management, student registration, score management and analysis. Through timely master of students’ study status the Academic Department directs program managers to help the students and communicate with teachers. Via OA the Academic Department is also able to allocate teachers efficiently and predict upcoming demands and notify HR on the situation promptly.