Course Design & Development

The idea of "One Body with Two Wings"

AHEAD Education is the very first organization in China that suggested internationalized education is not simply international education.

In the current environment in China, in order to structure the most suitable internationalized program for our students, we must fuse the advantages of foundational Chinese education with Western type explorative and creative education. We shall never simply implant a foreign program like a comprador. That contradicts with our educational philosophy.

After dialectically recognized the difference between Chinese and Western education philosophies, AHEAD Education has created the idea of “One Body with Two Wings.” Western Education is now successfully fused with the Chinese culture hence students could develop rapidly and obtain the necessary knowledge and skill to study in top universities in the world.

We firmly believe that a complete and reputable internationalized educational program certainly contains three sections that support each other. “One body” refers to Western high school courses taught by foreign teachers and this is the main section. The “two wings” refer to the two coordinating sections, language training and subject auxiliary courses taught by Chinese teachers.

Our practice and persistence in this philosophy has enabled us to become the leading internationalized education provider and pioneer in China.

AHEAD Education is dedicated to the design and development of the “two wings” to provide optimized support to the core courses.

1. Chinese Auxiliary Courses

There are three dimensions in this “wing”. The first dimension is optimized Chinese mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as prerequisite subject courses based on foreign core courses. The second dimension is cultural courses such as Chinese, Oriental and Western general history, geography and biology. The third dimension is extension courses which cover mini-movie making, art of tea, Western drama, culinary art, critical thinking and debate, etc.

2. Language Courses

Two forms of language courses constitute this section, systematic language courses and tutorial courses.

Systematic Language Courses:

  • Basic English
    TOEFL,IELTS and ACT Conventional
    TOEFL,IELTS and ACT Intensified

Tutorial Courses:

  • IELTS Elite
    Academic English Elite
    TOEFL & ACT Elite