UF International High School

Wherever our students will set sail for, either Sydney or Melbourne, or Los Angeles or New York, we will always pave the way for their splendid future. AHEAD Education will be right here cheering for any progress they will be making in future study and life.

Introduction to the UF International High School Program

  • The UF (university foundation) international high school programs are developed, delivered and managed by AHEAD Education, which has been exclusively authorized by UNSW Global to run the UFS (UNSW Foundation Studies) programs in high schools in China. Introduction to the UF international high school program.
  • The eight UF program centers are the largest and most influential base of undergraduate applicants for the Australian Group of Eight (G-8) universities in China.
  • From 2009 to 2016, nearly 95% of our UF program graduates have been admitted to undergraduate studies at Australian G-8 universities, with the remaining 5% enrolling in other World’s Top 100 universities (QS Rankings).
  • The UF international high school program is a two-phase program designed to be completed in five semesters (two semesters for fundamental phase and three semesters for core phase). The core phase is further broken down into one semester of pre-foundation course and two semesters of UNSW Foundation Studies (UFS) courses.
  • UNSW Foundation Studies (UFS) is a program of the University of New South Wales. Established in 1988, UNSW Foundation Studies is the longest-running and leading Foundation Program in Australia and is designed specifically for students with an international education background. UFS is located on the University of New South Wales (UNSW) campus in the beautiful Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. UNSW is a member of the Group of Eight, key teaching and research universities in Australia. It is colloquially known as the ‘Southern Hemisphere’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, and is firmly ranked in the world’s Top 50 universities year after year. UNSW boasts a number of Nobel Prize winners, the Australian Graduate School of Management, which is ranked the first in Australia and the top 10 in the world, the World Photovoltaic Solar Energy Research Center, Asia Pacific Actuarial Research Center and the architecture college which presided the design of the Olympic Water Cube in Beijing.


UF International High School Advantages

Mission and Vision

AHEAD Education Group positions itself as the leading integrator of global premium educational resources in China and a one-stop provider of international curriculum development, management and services.

Cost Efficient

The core course of UF programs can conserve at least one and a half years for language and foundation study abroad and thus can save nearly three hundred thousand RMB for tuition fees and living expenses.

Teaching Management

Teaching management model, the integration of small classes, tutorial sessions, and after-school classes, is a highlight in the teaching management of UF international high school. The model can ensure that all the Chinese and foreign teachers pay maximum attention to individuals and provide them with the most suitable academic planning and guidance.

Seamless Transition

The UF international school program courses, by which the students can learn professional language and knowledge comprehensively, provide the students with the most targeted training and capacity reserve for their study in the top universities overseas and fully guarantee that the students better adapt to the education in foreign universities.

Safe And Convenient

During their study at the UF international schools, the students can obtain the information about foreign universities and individualized guidance in admission to universities. After completing their studies, the students can enjoy the one-stop service for university and visa application to help them enter the top 50 universities in the world for their undergraduate study safely and conveniently.

Various Extracurricular Activities

To cultivate the students’ awareness and ability to serve the society and enhance their sense of social responsibility, we organize them to participate in various social welfare activities and volunteer activities. In addition, we make full use of the rich resources to help the students and teachers to participate in various exchange activities in foreign schools.

An introduction to the core phase of the UF international high school program

The UF international high school program is a two-phase program (fundamental phase and core phase). The core phase is further broken down into one semester of pre-foundation course and two semesters of UNSW Foundation Studies (UFS) courses.

Pre-foundation Studies

Pre-Foundation course is largely an academic and language transition semester preparing students for the Foundation Studies that their admissions will be based on. The curriculum of Pre-Foundation has been developed to allow students to experience academic subjects within an English immersion learning environment for the first time while also introducing to them a course of study, content, and learning goals that they should expect in the following Foundation Studies courses.

At the close of the Pre-Foundation semester, students should be fully attuned to the English requirements of both Foundation Studies and beyond as well as understand the academic expectations and values they will need to adapt and adhere to within their foreign course or study, regardless of which of Foundation Studies Study Streams they choose to pursue. Academic subjects studied during Pre-Foundation semester include English for Academic Purpose (EAP), Mathematics, Computing Studies, Business, Science, as well as IELTS and other school-required classes. Apart from IELTS, all courses are taught by foreign faculty.

UNSW Foundation Studies

The subject courses in Foundation Studies are considered the UF core courses. The syllabus, teaching schedule, and relevant examination arrangements (held concurrently among all UNSW Foundation Studies campuses) are all standardized and consistently managed under the auspices of UNSW Foundation Studies committee. All classes are taught by qualified and experienced foreign faculty. During Pre-Foundation semester, students must choose a stream of study from three streams offered by UNSW Foundation Studies in China: Commerce, Physical Science and Design.

Each stream of study consists of the following respective subject classes:

  • Commerce: Academic English
  • Computing Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics-Commerce
  • Management(one semester)
  • Accounting(one semester)
  • Business Law(one semester)
  • Science: Academic English
  • Computing Studies
  • Mathematics-Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Design: Academic English
  • Computing Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Design
  • International Issues and Perspectives

The Design Stream is currently offered at the UF bases of Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School (Wuxi) and Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus(Nanjing).

***Academic English,Mathematics and Computer Science are the compulsory subjects of all study streams.

Recognition of UNSW Foundation Studies Certificate

In Australia

UNSW Foundation Studies (UFS) Graduation Certificate is recognized by all Australian universities including G-8 universities, a coalition of leading Australian universities, intensive in research and comprehensive in general and professional education. They include: the University of New South Wales, Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Monash University, the University of Western Australia, the University of Adelaide and the University of Queensland.


Many universities in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States, recognize the UFS Certificate of UNSW as fully or partly satisfying their entry requirements for undergraduate study. Please be noted that each university has its specific criteria and it will only consider applications on the basis of each individual student’s specific profile and circumstances. Some degree programs may have additional requirements, placement restrictions, or other specific subject requirements. For students who apply to study in countries other than Australia please contact AHEAD’s Department of Overseas Study for further information and assistance.