Online Class during the pandemic period, 2020

The Covid-19 issue of this Spring Festival broke our peaceful holiday. AHEAD Education adhered to the principle of “health first, life first” and strictly implemented the epidemic prevention methods issued by the government and education authorities. In response to this special situation, from the beginning of the Lunar new year’s eve, the management of AHEAD Education Group planned in advance, deployed in time a comprehensive online teaching to ensure that “no class but keep teaching, no class but keep learning”, and worked together with the nation to overcome all difficulties. Everyone behind the scenes have never stopped or been absent.

Extraordinary work during an extraordinary time. Facing the pandemic, the management of AHEAD Education Group, the Academic Affairs Center, all campuses, and all Chinese and foreign teachers gathered with a sense of responsibility, awe of education, and solid professional knowledge. From February 8, 2020, AHEAD Education American Program had gradually launched online teaching. In the first 6 weeks, nearly 100 Chinese and foreign teachers had participated together, and online teaching had been more than 3,000 hours. The overall online teaching has been smooth and effective.

We have been watching over the physical and mental health and academic growth of our students throughout the pandemic time. All staff of AHEAD Education Group are united in one body, transforming this major public health crisis into an important opportunity for education, so that students can be immersive in this “major lesson” of life.

We use scientific knowledge to protect the safety of our students, and use goodness and wisdom to contribute to the world’s problem-solving actions, so that the world will change upward and good due to our efforts, and become warmer and more beautiful.