Educational Philosophy & Culture

Education Philosophy

We firmly believe that education is about illuminating and enlightening lives/education should be offered with warmth and consciousness. The ultimate value of education is for the welfare of lives. We are dedicated to nurturing enlightened global citizens who are:

  • energetic and resilient
  • intelligent and creative
  • empathetic and caring
  • upright and noble

Academic Goals

To cultivate future leaders with international vision, humanities, science spirit and creativity.

Core Values

  • Being good and doing good
  • Being respectful and acting sincerely
  • Being accountable and self-reflective
  • Unity of knowing and doing

Organizational Culture

Live to the utmost - Live in the present, think ahead and move ahead.

If life is a kind of practice, this practice must be related to how we can continue to improve and upgrade our knowledge and behaviors in the interactions of three relations. to others, to things as well as obligations, thereby bringing more positive effects and changes for our families. teams and society. AHEAD Education can be viewed as a field of practice where all colleagues strive to expand their visions, enhance their related skills and thus reach their potentials. In the light of deep understanding of internationalized education, we think ahead and move ahead.

Love Mother Nature - respect and follow the laws of nature

Be in awe of nature, life and growth. Being proactive and creative, but surrender to the rules of universe.

Live in the present - Being fully mindful of a flower's blossoming and a lake's humming

We should enjoy every present moment and embrace the beauty of life with joyful consciousness. Meanwhile, we always hold a holistic perspective of matters.

Love people - practicing loving-kindness

Be equally kind to all human beings, be they employees, clients, stakeholders or any member of the society.