About Us

Welcome to Ahead Education Group

Established in 2006, AHEAD Education Group is a comprehensive educational organization specialized in the development, investment and management of international academic programs as well as providing overseas study consulting.

AHEAD Education Group has three subsidiaries:

  • Nanjing AHEAD Education Investment & Consultancy Co., Ltd
  • Nanjing ASCEND Education Consultancy Co., Ltd
  • Hong Kong AHEAD Education Investment & Consultancy Co., Ltd

Headquartered in Nanjing, AHEAD Education Group has a dynamic international professional team with over 200 Chinese and foreign employees.

AHEAD Education is focused on providing the top high schools across China with the delivery and management of two major mainstream international curriculum programs: Australian Pre-University Foundation programs and American High School Curriculum programs.

In collaboration with UNSW Global, AHEAD Education has established eight Australian UF program centers in three provinces in China and has become the largest and most influential base of undergraduate applicants for the Australian Group of Eight universities in China. Meanwhile, our six American High School Curriculum program centers lay the foundation for AHEAD Education as a pioneer and leader of the field of international education programs in the country.

As of September 2018, the eight Australian Pre-university program centers and six American High School program centers have enrolled over 3,000 students.

Mission and Vision

AHEAD Education Group positions itself as the leading integrator of global premium educational resources in China and a one-stop provider of international curriculum development, management and educational services.

Our Mission

AHEAD Education seeks to be a leader in the development of international education programs, a proponent of educational values, an advocate of humanitarian practices, and a practitioner of knowledge in action.

Our Vision

Be the best and most reputable international high schools in China.

Our main operations and services:

Over the past decade, as one of the first educational organization in China to develop and manage international high school curriculum programs, AHEAD Education has provided its top ranked partner schools with five value-added services as follows:

  1. Introduce and tailor international curriculum programs which are the most consistent with the schools’ culture and actual needs;
  2. Develop the “One Body, Two Wings” international curriculum system;
  3. Provide recruitment and human resource management for teaching and administrative staff (both foreign and Chinese), course teaching and teaching quality management and assurance;
  4. Establish an overseas study service center to provide the programs’ students with one-stop service including university applications, visa applications and other related services and guidance;
  5. Assist the partner schools with their strategic planning and provide support for increasing their profile both domestically and internationally.