On May 24, 2019, the Vice Principal of the University of New South Wales and the new CEO of UNSW Global, Mr. Laurie Pearcey and his team made a special trip to visit AHEAD Education Group headquarters. The management teams of the two sides jointly held a special meeting in the afternoon on the development of the 2007-2019 UF International Program into its 12th year.   Twelve years is a reincarnation. This year is the twelfth year of cooperation between AHEAD Education and the UNSW Global. The 12-year period witnessed the joint efforts and commitment of AHEAD Education and the UNSW Global. This time also clearly recorded the development of UF program as the most outstanding brand course in Australia’s secondary schools. AHEAD Education and the University of New South Wales in this meeting reflect on the development of the past 12 years and also have a clear vision of the future planning. This meeting is not only a review of the achievements of the past years, but also the starting point of the new round of cooperation between AHEAD Education and the University of New South Wales.

The AHEAD Education UF management team first explained the 12 years of development of UF Program from four dimensions (course, management, service, branding). AHEAD Education and UNSW Management Team discussed further strengthen strategic cooperation in the next three years. Including using the advantage of resources in the Touch Innovation Precinct at UNSW, making UF program as an official talent incubation base and make good use of branding plan. The AHEAD Education team then highlighted how the next three years will continue to enhance the reputation and brand recognition of UNSW in all areas of China through all kinds of theme activities with the support of UNSW.

Mr. Jin Jiang, Vice President of UNSW, highly praised the cooperation between AHEAD Education and the University for 12 years, and also fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of UF in the past 12 years. Mr. Jin Jiang pointed out that AHEAD Education is the most successful program partner of the UNSW Global. UF Program is a veritable “crown jewel” in the UNSW programs in China. Mr. Jin Jiang highly recognized AHEAD’s product promotion plan for UF Program in the next three years, and together with his team expressed that it will provide sufficient, comprehensive and timely resource and support for the development activities of UF High School. At the end of the meeting, each of the participants expressed their hopes for a broader future cooperation prospect and confidence in the development of UF Program.